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Alarm Systems

Get a Home or Business Wireless Alarm System at a Low Price Today.

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We supply and install a variety of intruder alarm systems for domestic and commercial premises.


The modern day domestic alarm system can be installed within just a few ours without the need to install any cabling whatsoever.


We now supply and install all of our domestic systems with wire free home kits.  consisting of door contacts, movement detectors, vibration sensors and sounders.  We can also get the system to call you or a friend to let you know if there has been an activation.


Visonic wireless Passive infra red detector.  An indoor detector designed to detect body heat movement within a room.  These units are supplied within the kit as pet safe.

Visonic wireless door contact.  designed to be fitted to a door and detects the door opening.

Visonic wireless shock detector. For fitting to doors windows or walls detecting excessive amounts of vibration through forced entry.

Visonic wireless outside siren and strobe light.

Visonic wireless keyfob for setting and unsetting the system.

Visonic wireless remote keypad and sounder.

We are alarm installers in Edinburgh, Midlothian, West Lothian and the Scottish Borders

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